Focus Groups

A focus group interview is an unstructured, free-flowing interview with a small group of people. It is not a rigidly constructed question-and-answer session, but a flexible format discussion of a brand, advertisement, or a new-product concept. The group meets at a central location at the predetermined time.

Infocus@Business offers comfortable and spacious facilities with high quality, state-of-the-art equipment to satisfy the requirements of any client.

Infocus@Business offers high resolution recording of focus group events. Our powerful editing equipment allows us to provide clients with an excellent finished product. Our moving camera can capture and record the facial expressions of participants to better ascertain their hidden emotions. The focus groups can be recorded on VHS, audiocassettes, or CD-ROM.

We have created a special recording and edition studio at Cobian's Plaza Royal Suites, where our comfortable and spacious facilities are provided with high quality state of the art equipment to satisfy the requirements of any client. There you can find a conference room where focus groups can meet while clients can observe their behavior through a huge one way mirror, all this while hidden cameras record the event.

The facilities have the capacity to accommodate business meetings and seminars. There is also an adjacent exclusive client's meeting room with a great environment and comfortable space where they can discuss and exchange opinions about the ongoing focus group reactions. Infocus@Business coordinates sessions around the island, offers alternatives such as development of studies, moderation, recruitment and technical support.


Infocus@Business offers highly experienced moderators with the capacity to guide any kind of focus group session.
These moderators are responsible of setting the guidelines established by the client previously in order to conduct the focus group session appropriately.

Utilizing the focus group as a tool, Infocus@Business can help you obtain valuable information like:

  • Customer attitudes
  • Buying habits
  • New product ideas
  • New marketing campaign ideas
Any Kind of Session

Typically, the focus group consist of an interviewer or moderator and six to ten participants. The moderator is responsible for setting the guidelines with the client to introduce the topic and to encourage group members to discuss the subject among themselves. We have highly experienced moderators with different skills to guide any kind of focus group session. The recruitment strategies are chosen according to the client's specifications and the participants can be contacted through face to face interviews, by telephone or by direct referral from clients.

Professional translators are available for the sessions. We have in-house translation equipment with the latest in wireless headphone systems conducted simultaneously with the session.

Other features include full technical support, verbatim transcripts, hostess services, a variety full variety of menus for food and beverages, and secure and convenient parking.

Focus groups allow people to discuss their true feelings, anxieties, and frustrations, as well helping you determine the depth of their convictions, in their own words. The primary advantages of the focus group interviews are their relative speed, ease of execution and low cost.

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