The Fast Track is an omnibus study conducted by InFocus@Business with the purpose of gathering market and opinion research in a fast and accurate way.

The Fast Track can be used to monitor sales and market share of products and services over time. It can also be used to collect information for marketing decisions, or to collect any type of information your company is in need for.

The study is conducted four times a year on a quarterly basis.

The questions for the study can be provided by you, or our team of experts can meet with you, study your information needs, and establish a set of questions that are right for you.

The different formats for the questions can be:

  • Open-ended question - Question presents no response options to the respondent. Rather, the respondent is instructed to response in his or her own words.
  • Closed-ended - Question provides response options of the questionnaire.
  • Scaled-response / attributes - Utilizes a scale developed by the researcher to measure attributes. The response options are identified on the questionnaire.

A stratified probability cluster sample is used. This sample is conducted among 1,000 individuals. It is representative of all household (purchasing agents) in Puerto Rico and stratified by region.

Fast Track covers the six demographic regions throughout Puerto Rico:

  • San Juan Metro
  • San Juan Sub
  • Caguas
  • Arecibo
  • Mayaguez
  • Ponce

  • Gender (M/F)
  • Age of Purchasing Agent
  • Marital Status
  • Reported Income
  • Education of the Purchasing Agent
  • Socio-Economic Status

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