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Infocus@Business offers a wide array of services to satisfy your company's every research need. Our services are divided into several main categories:

Quantitative Research
Fast Track
Custom Studies
Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI)

Qualitative Research
Focus Group
Mini - Groups
In-depth Interviews

Mystery Shoppers
Designed to improve sales and service quality, mystery shoppers consists of market researchers who pose as potential customers to evaluate administrative, interpersonal, sales and product knowledge skills of employees.

With excellent facilites, Infocus@Business offers a great environment for businesses in the need of telemarketing services
Quantitative Research

Other type of research such as Quantitative studies includes the Fast Track, an omnibus study conducted by InFocus@Business with the purpose of gathering market information, in a faster and accurate manner. The Fast Track can be used to monitor sales and market shares of products and services over time; also it can be used to collect information for marketing decisions and publicity.

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Qualitative Research

For Qualitative research the most common studies are:

  • Attitude & Usage
  • Image
  • Concept
  • Product Test
  • Satisfaction
  • Pricing and Advertising.

InFocus@Business offers high resolution recording of focus groups events, our powerful editing equipment allows us to provide clients with an excellent finished product. Our moving camera can record the facial expressions of participants to better ascertain their hidden emotions.

We have created a special recording and edition studio at Cobian's Plaza Royal Suites, where our comfortable and spacious facilities are provided with high quality state of the art equipment to satisfy the requirements of any client. There you can find a conference room where focus groups can meet while clients can observe their behavior through a huge one way mirror while hidden and invisible camera record the event.

The facilities have the capacity to accommodate business meetings and seminars. There is also an adjacent exclusive client's meeting room with a great environment and comfortable space where they can discuss and exchange opinion about the on going focus group reactions. We also have the ability to coordinate two or three simultaneous groups in our facilities. InFocus@Business coordinates sessions around the island, offers alternatives such as develop studies, moderation, recruitment and technical support.

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Qualitative Research

InFocus@Business Mystery Shopper Program is designed to improve sales and service quality. This method is through the use of professional market researchers who pose as potential customers to evaluate administrative, interpersonal, sales and product knowledge skills of employees.

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For more information about any of our services or research programs, please contact us by phone at 787-725-2971 or email at info@infocusglobal.com


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